Power Crue was conceived and formed by Michael Pagonis and George Pritsis and Nikos Nakoudis in 1986 as a school band. During these first years there occurred many changes in the lineup and the early musical style was true to the heavy sounds of the era, sometimes with english as well as with greek lyrics.
During 1992-93 the band, now also including Angelos and Lefteris Tsoukalas (in drums and bass guitar respectively) released its first complete demo consisting of such original compositions like “Torture”, “Before The End” and “Spent On You”. It was titled “Alive Again” and was officially released in 1992, also the years that the band appeared on TV for the first time (ET2’s music show “Studio 4”)1993-1996
One year after the release of “Alive Again” Thanasis Bertsatos and George Economou joined Power Crue, in lead guitar and bass guitar respectively. That period also marked a sort of a “revolving door” for the position of the drummer and the lead singer. The band was complete with the participation of drummer and lead singer Micheal Pagonis who both continued to perform throughout the three-year period. In 1995 their first album called “The Sign Of Rage” was ready and got its early 1996 release with Alexis Balakakis as a session lead singer contributing in both recordings and live performances.1996-1999
In 1996-97 Power Crue continued to appear live and got acquainted with “Sharpness”’s lead singer George Rodopoulos and drummer George Christou. Their new release “Stay Heavy” was recorded of that time and the band performed its new work in many live shows.

This was a three-year period that saw many changes in the band’s lineup; Manos Georgiou replaced George Christou at the drumms after the latter’s departure from the band for personal reasons. With their new material pending release, the band continued to perform live up to 2002 when a new drummer joined the band, Dimitris Kalantzis, ex singer of Tsopana Rave and the lineup was complete with new vocalist Panos Sakeliou who replaced George Rodopoulos.

The collaboration with Panos Sakeliou lasted a little more thn a year, marked with many live performances and with tha writing of new material for their upcoming album. With Panos Sakeliou’s departure and in search for a new singer the band continued with Thanasis Bertsatos contributing to the singing chores, recording as well as singer live. These three years were especially grueling for the band but finally 2005 saw the release of their third album “Nightmares”.

Much occurred during the next five years, events of minor importance as well as some that deeply affected the band. 2006 saw no particular activity as the band went into a hiatus but later in that year the band’s three core members began their collaboration with vocalist George Papadopoulos (ex Stendor). His first very good performance at a live show urged the band to keep up with their extensive live appearances and their composing of new material. In 2009 they began work at the studio, however this time it was time for the excellent George Papadopoulos to depart for professional reasons. A few months later Kostas Tokas is introduced to the band and who ultimately got to sing in the new album. Another crucial change also occurred when long time member Dimitris kalantzis left Power Crue soon after the recording completed. In his place the remarkable Takis “Animal” Sotiropoulos took over. Up to the end of 2010 all recording was completed, “The Sign Of Rage” was re-released in vinyl and Power Crue was preparing for the concert-presentation of their new album. In December however, the death of George Rodopoulos in a car accident shocked everyone; a long-time friendship and collaboration had come to an abrupt and particularly sad end.

2011 was the band’s 25th anniversary also marked by the release of the much anticipated “Wreck The Eternal Tyranny”, performed impressively live and subsequently to the followed by a 2012 studio release.The same year we decided to make true
an annual festival here in Greece to promote local underground
bands who untill then didn’t have the opportunity playing in
big venues..We called it WRECK fest and the year to come is
going to take place the 5th till now with great responce from
the metal greek audience…In 2012 at this fest we recorded
our live DVD for the anniversary of our 25years which was
released in 2013…